How to add social proof to your landing page using wordpress plugin

Have you ever noticed that pop up on a landing page which informs you that a new purchase was made by someone on that website?
Yes that is an example of a social proof and it does the job of reassuring your visitors the website is alive and your product is working. It also make visitors readapt purchases. Social proofs are unbeatable assets when setting up a landing page for sale of your products and it is a handy tool used by many digital marketers and it has been known to boost conversions.

Now how do you set up a popping social proof on a wordpress website? A simple wordpress plugin called “Proven” comes to mind. It is a premium wordpress plugin and you can get it on nairathemes.

Setting it up is easy. Simply install and set up the source, either from woocommerce sales or easydigital downloads or external sources

With the click of a button, show recent sales and newsletter signups from the most popular e-commerce and mailing list platforms.

What Is Social Proof?
Social proof is the simple idea that consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing. If your customers see that others are buying your product, they will be more likely to do the same.

Get the plugin here

Proven 1.1.1 – Social Proof WordPress Plugin

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