Best social media autoposter plugin for wordpress

Do you manually post contents on your social media pages?
Really? How stressful is that for you?

Try out this premium plugin, with over 3000sales on themeforest, it is the perfect choice for any one publishing on social media from wordpress. you can configure this giant plugin to even repost old contents to keep your pages alive. So many people pay high fees for social media managers, but do you know you can set up autoposting using wordpress even if you are not a blogger? You can push and schedule contents on your social media pages using this plugin.

Will it work with my theme?
Yes, our plugins work independently of themes you are using. As long as your website is running on WordPress, it will work.

Who should use Social Auto Poster?
Social Auto Poster is a great solution for anybody interested to drive more traffic to their website, engage more people and help boost their site’s visibility. From Marketing Agencies, Social Media Marketers, bloggers, developers, e-commerce websites to all other small businesses – they all need Social Auto Poster as their Social Media Strategy.

What is required to use Social Auto Poster?
As this is a plugin built to connect your WordPress website and Social Media, you need to have a WordPress website in order for our plugin to work. You also need to have account for each supported social networks if you don’t already have one.

Does this support posting to Pages for Facebook?
Yes, This plugin support posting on Facebook pages but you must have to be an admin of that page.

Does this support posting to groups for Facebook?
Yes, This plugin support posting on Facebook groups. You should be an admin of the groups.

Does this support posting to personal accounts for Facebook?
Apologies, personal profile posting is restriced by the Facebook official Graph API so, plugin do not support personal account postings.

Download the plugin here

Social Auto Poster WP Plugin 3.9.2

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